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A Crafting Experience

Angie Sagha - Director - Owner

My name is Angie Sagha. I am a born and raised Decatur native. 

My vision for A. C.E. is to give a space for personal growth, creativity, ideas and community. We hope to provide a diverse place of learning to connect wisdom, experience, talent, energy and the customer. My dream is to help people unlock their creative potential promoting lifelong learning through a warm and vibrant environment.

Our Instructors

We love building projects for you and with you!

Jennifer Fisher


Debi Frankovich 


Isaac Galewsky

Spray Paint Art

Josephine Hicks

Design and Garment Construction

Pam Larrick

Paper Craft, Macramé 


Penny Peavler

Jewelry Art

Brenda Bunch

Fiber Art

Erin Janvrin

  Machine repair

Bonnie Rideout

Basket Weave