Angie Sagha - Director - Owner

My name is Angie Sagha. I am a born and raised Decatur native. 

My vision for A. C.E. is to give a space for personal growth, creativity, ideas and community. We hope to provide a diverse place of learning to connect wisdom, experience, talent, energy and the customer. My dream is to help people unlock their creative potential promoting lifelong learning through a warm and vibrant environment.

Our Instructors

We love building projects for you and with you!

Erin Janvrin

 Knitting - Machine repair

Jennifer Fisher


Pam Larrick

Paper Craft & 

Paint w/Unicorn SPiT

Michelle Holsapple

 Art is Therapy

Scarlett Wells

Sewing - Quilting

Josephine Hicks


Lisa Frazee

Mandala Dot Painting

Caitie O'Donoghue


Brenda Bunch

Fiber Art

Sharon Jack


Debi Frankovich 


Kelly Vetter

Mixed Media Art